Due to the continued impact of COVID-19, the Board of Dentistry has elected to extend the temporary continuing education policy for the 2022-2023 biennium.  Board Rules 150-3-.09 and 150-5-.05 still apply, however, in lieu of the 50% of credit hours that are required to be "in person at an on-site course or seminar," the Board will accept "live, instructor-led virtual courses or seminars."  

CPR certification and re-certification must be completed in-person, with no exceptions.

Please be aware that pre-recorded courses, replay courses, and courses classified as self-instruction do not qualify as live, instructor-led virtual courses or seminars and will not be accepted for the credit hours required to be on-site.

A webinar style pre-recorded course that is offered at a designated time (not at the participants' leisure) with the speaker on live to engage in conversation and Q&A, will be considered for live credit if the certificate of completion states that the webinar contained both live and pre-recorded portions and the speaker attests that he/she was on the webinar live for the entire course.