Applications and Forms

<p>* Paper renewal applications are not available online. The Georgia Board of Dentistry strongly encourages licensees to renew online. If you require a paper renewal application, please contact the office of the Georgia Board of Dentistry: (404) 651-8000.</p><p style="text-align: center;">APPLICATIONS ARE VALID FOR ONE YEAR</p>

Apply Online

You may now apply online for licensure for the following license types: dental hygiene license by examination. After you have submitted a complete online application, you must also complete the Dental Hygiene Online Application Supplement Packet, which is available under “Applications and Forms” on the Georgia Board of Dentistry website.

Notice Regarding Active – Renewal Pending Status

The Georgia Board of Dentistry has begun the online renewal process for active dental licenses. A number of licenses expire as of December 31, 2013, including but not limited to dentist, hygienist, and faculty licenses. If a licensee has submitted a timely and sufficient renewal application by December 31, 2013, the licensee’s license status online will change from “active” to “active-renewal pending” after submission of the renewal application. “Active-Renewal Pending” does not mean that the license has lapsed, is inactive, is deficient, or invalid.